Wheat Grass Powder

Genius Wheat Grass Powder

  • Wheatgrass is a naturally rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes, Chlorophyll and Dietary Fibre.
  • 100 g Wheatgrass Powder, obtained from 1 kg of fresh Wheatgrass, can supply nourishment equal to that obtained from 23 kg of selected vegetables
  • Wheatgrass Powder is high in dietary fibre and thus helps maintain blood sugar level, cholesterol level and prevents constipation
  • Highly effective for weight loss / gain along with diet plans
  • Increases blood Haemoglobin count, helps combat Thalassemia and Anaemia
  • It helps the body to rebuild and transport toxins out of the body quickly and effectively.
  • Wheatgrass powder is also highly regarded for its ability to cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Aid in detoxification
  • It improve the body’s metabolism


Wheatgrass Powder

Triticum Aestivum

Available Packing : 500g Pet Jar

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